We hooked up with eBucks so you can get great discounts on kulula flights to your favourite destinations. Qualifying eBucks members get up to 40% off kulula flights.

If you pay or part-pay for your kulula flight with eBucks you could qualify for great discounts.

Booking your kulula.com flight is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to www.eBucks.com
  2. Click on the travel tab at the top of the page
  3. Search for your flight
  4. Book your trip
  5. Confirm your details
  6. Pay for your trip
  7. Confirmation will be displayed and emailed to you

To make changes to your eBucks booking, visit our site and go to manage my eBucks flight booking.

Don’t have enough eBucks? Don't sweat it, you can part-pay with your eBucks, and the rest with your qualifying bank card which will allow you to earn even more eBucks!

Minimum qualifying criteria for eBucks discounts on kulula flights:

  • You must have enough eBucks in your account to pay a minimum of eB5 000 per ticket (for all passengers).
  • eBucks discounts only apply to the ticket price excluding airport taxes and VAT
  • You must have at least reached eBucks discounts reward level 1
    To find out if you have reached this reward level, login to eBucks.com or eBucks travel online with your SA ID or eBucks card number and 4-digit eBucks PIN. If you don’t have an eBucks card, you can still book your flight or holiday package but won’t qualify for the eBucks discount
  • You must have a qualifying FNB Cheque Account, Credit Card or One Account, or RMB Private Bank Cheque or Credit Card Account that is active and in good standing
  • You  must earn an average of eB300 or more per month over a rolling 12-month period
  • You must book all tickets with eBucks travel online

Your fellow travellers will only qualify for your discount on kulula flights if:

  • You are travelling together on the same flight through all legs of the journey
  • All passenger bookings were made at the same time as part of one eBucks Travel online booking
  • They hold a qualifying active* FNB or RMB Private Bank Cheque Account or Credit Card, if they are 18 years or over

If you have any queries or changes to your booking, it's best to chat to the eBucks experts or call our Contact Centre on 0861 KULULA (585852)

Call eBucks on 086 111 5252 or visit: www.eBucks.com.